With its natural beauty, serenity, fresh air and underground aquifers, the farm provides an ideal space to relax, rejuvenate, learn new skills and connect with likeminded people. It is a place where you can find optimum health and wellness.

Located in rural Qatar, the farm is filled with rare native and exotic plants, vocal birdlife, medicinal flower fields, happy farm animals, an essential oil distillery, and spray-free vegetables. There's citrus groves and food forests and a passionate and dedicated team behind the scenes driving it all. We also have a small, homely cafe for you to enjoy Torba coffee, vegetable picking activities, a farm to table experience, relaxation rooms, a majlis and much more!

The farm is regenerating numerous native plants that have never previously been explored or commercially tapped. Many of them have therapeutic qualities and have been used in traditional Arabic medicine since antiquity. Torba Farm is the only place in the country dedicated to growing them. The farm also has established a seed bank and unlocked the techniques needed to grow these plants, cultivating, harvesting them at their peak and timing their sowing and seeding to ensure their continuous growth. 

We value and practice sustainability and do our best to limit our impact on the environment. Nothing goes to waste. For example, our left-over hydrosols are fed into our water system and returned to nourish the land.

Free ranging chickens, sheep and goats wander in our pastures, our beautiful Jersey milking cows enjoy the outdoors alongside the addition of bees who help produce our very own wild honey from 100-year-old Sidr trees.

If you’re interested in visiting somewhere truly unique, Torba Farm is just the place for you. Located in Ash Shafallahiyah, 40 minutes from the heart of Doha, the farm is open for bookings.

Whether it's school trips for kids, bookings for private events, or simply a getaway from the city to experience all things nature, Torba Farm is the perfect place.  

For inquiries and bookings, email us at visit@torba.qa.

Learn more about our activities and offerings, visit Events and Workshops.