Cancellation and Return Policy

    1. You are free to cancel your order within 12 hours of our email order confirmation being sent, except goods which are made and prepared specifically at your request or which have been personalised or exclusively custom-made for you. Any order cancellations made after 12 hours of our email order confirmation being sent will incur a cancellation fee, which will be calculated as a percentage of the total order. Cancellation requests can be created by directly by Customers who are registered on the Torba Market e-commerce platform or raised by email to:
    2. Any cancellation request received after an order has been shipped will incur cancellation fees and/or packing and shipping charges.
    3. If a cancelled order has been paid for by credit or debit card, Torba Market will reverse any transacted amount through the same payment channel. If cancellation charges apply, you will be re-directed to the payment gateway to complete order cancellation.
    4. . If selected payment method for order to be cancelled is cash/card on delivery, and order is cancelled after 12 hours of our email order confirmation being sent, then the Customer is liable for cancellation charges and/or packaging and shipping charges. Failure to pay these charges could result in blacklisting from our site.
    5. You are free to cancel your paid workshop place(s) up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled start of the workshop. To cancel, email Any cancellation requests received within 48 hours of the scheduled workshop are non-refundable.
    1. Torba Market will accept the return of any item that is physically damaged or defective, varies from the description, or has been incorrectly delivered, within three (3) days of delivery of the item. The paid amount of the item(s) will be either reimbursed to the Customer or added as credit to the Customer’s next order. Items that are damaged as a result of general wear and tear, or misuse are not considered defective items.
    2. All items that do not meet the Customer’s satisfaction can be returned for replacement or refund within three (3) days, except:
      • Fresh Drinks
      • Fresh food
      • Fresh vegetables
      • Customised items
    Replacements, Refunds & Exchanges
    1. Any item once sold can be replaced/exchanged/refunded if it meets the criteria above. The Customer is required to inform Torba Market in writing of their intention to initiate this process within three (3) days of receiving the item.
    2. Any eligible item for Replacement/Exchange/Refund will be accepted only if the item is received from the Customer in original, unopened condition with its original packaging, with any tags, labels still attached.
    3. Any Replacement/Exchange/Refund actioned by the Customer due to dissatisfaction of any eligible purchased item will exclude shipping and packaging charges, which Torba Market may charge to the Customer.
    4. All items are presumed to be sold without warranty unless specifically stated on the individual product page. However, Torba Market will, at its sole discretion, consider in exceptional circumstances, replacement or refund requests beyond the three (3) day satisfaction period, if such requests are made within a reasonable timeframe.