Browse through our niche collection of products delivered fresh to your door six days a week. From sourdough bread, locally grown veggies and the best of local artisan products, we offer a range of fresh foods and eco-friendly items that will make your week.
Our modern herbal farmacy is homage to the power of plants and nature. Working with the alchemy of plants gives us so much respect and understanding of nature, and its power to support and heal our bodies.
Check out our blog where we post about green living, eco-wellness ideas and of course, food. From composting and organic gardening tips to wholesome recipes and helpful advice for around the house. Explore, learn and be inspired. Read the latest here.

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[Dri09143] Bay leaf,ورقة الغار

Bay leaf,ورقة الغار

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Pumpkin Seed, بذور اليقطين

Pumpkin Seed, بذور اليقطين

Pumpkin Seed, بذور اليقطين

Pumpkin Seed, بذور اليقطين

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What is Torba?
A one-of-a-kind community
There’s something special about Torba. Like you, we see things differently.
Support local makers and producers
Resident artisans, home-grown businesses, local farms – these are just a few of our favourite things.
Eco lovers
Healthy eating and conscious living, by supporting local and ethical farming and sustainability.

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