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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Torba Farmers Market. This season, we are so excited to have five Torba Junior booths available each Saturday for our mini vendors aged 5-12. Each booth costs QAR50 to rent.

Those wishing to join MUST complete the Torba Junior application form outlining what they intend to sell and how they will be eco-friendly.

Please fill in the following details. Make sure your budding entrepreneur is with you to help fill out the application. Afterwards, email the form back to us. A member from the team will contact you after it has been reviewed.

On your booked day, first check-in at our Torba Customer Service desk to be allocated to your stall. Please have your rent ready. Once you pay, you're all set to prepare your stall and start selling! Remember:

  • Kids must always have adult supervision, if under the age of 12.
  • All produce/crafts to be sold must be produced or made by kid(s) selling it, with minimal adult assistance.
  • All market policies must be followed, including our eco-friendly guidelines.
  • The only available space is the booth. We can't fit other tables around it.
  • For the safety of children, we do not provide electricity connections.

Kids (and parents) will not solicit for sales or impede on other sales. No walking around the market with samples or signs. Torba Junior vendors are asked to stay and sell at the designated booths.

Adults who produce the majority of products/crafts sold by children should apply for regular booth space. Torba Junior is for kids.

Child’s Name
Parent name
Torba Junior Name
Parent’s contact phone number
Tell us about yourself and about your products.

Would you be comfortable with us taking photographs of your products and booth for posting on social media ?



How you will package your items in an eco-friendly way? No plastic packaging is allowed.

What time slot would you like to come? Please choose one.

8 am to 11 pm

12 pm to 3 pm

4 pm to 7 pm

Please list all the products that you will be selling (menu).

And remember! No plastic water bottles are allowed to be sold.

Don't forget to check your spam folder if you haven't received an email confirming your submission – it might be hiding there!