A Qatar-based initiative, Torba is a unique platform. We offer locally grown produce, artisanal goods and traditional therapeutic remedies made from local herbs and plants year-round through our Torba Store, online shop, and seasonally at our markets. We build community engagement through a initiatives and partnerships including community placemaking, organic school gardens, catering and naturescapes for children.

We aim to be a gateway toward sustainable and healthy living, supporting mindful Qataris and residents on our health and wellness journeys, and building a community of likeminded people who believe in preserving our planet now and for the future.


To enrich Qatar’s communities and culture through initiatives that encompass sustainability.


To provide products and services that boost lives, enhance communities, and empower partners


To bring the vision and mission to life in an ethical and unselfish way, and to maintain best-practice methodologies throughout.

“Torba” is an Arabic word meaning: “The pure soil that feeds, nourishes and nurtures.” We take this inspiration when curating for you the finest local and regional fruit and vegetables.

Torba Farmers Market, established in 2017, is located at the beautiful Ceremonial Square in Education City. The open-air farmers market runs from November through to April. This market is unique in Qatar as we are the first traditional artisan farmers market in the country.

Torba Farmers Market people are big fans of conscious eating and recognise the importance of knowing where their food comes from, how it is grown or made, so that’s why our produce and products are sourced directly from local farms and the artisans themselves. We also know it’s great to support our local small businesses.

In its first year, Msheireb Market by Torba entered the very popular Msheireb downtown area. This market is a unique high-street open-air market. Stylish stalls showcase the best makers, bakers, creators and producers that Qatar has to offer.

Our online shop is an extension of our store and our seasonal farmers market. It’s a great place for you to discover some of our favourite things such as homemade artisanal products and eco-friendly homeware, apothecary items, garden equipment, indoor and outdoor plants, and a selection of the highest quality farm products from carefully selected farms in Qatar.

There is an increasing preference for fruit and vegetables that have been grown locally, and in general, food that has been minimally processed. And we give you the option to have it delivered to your door, without you even having to get out of your pj’s.

One of our key philosophies is to reduce plastic use wherever possible. This includes our packaging and how we deliver our products to you. We shy away from unnecessary plastic wrapping. Plus, all home delivery items are delivered in recyclable paper boxes and paper bags and glass. Any of these items can be returned to us for reusing or recycling. We want to do our part for the environment.

In 2020 we established the Torba Store, it’s a hidden oasis in Duhai.

We created a place where you feel connected, or ‘at home’ when you step through the door. The store was born out of our love for community. We strive to offer products that elevate your health and a promise to reduce the pressure on this planet, by reducing your food miles with local farming and homemade products, while not adding any more unnecessary plastic into our environment.

By shopping here, you’ll be supporting local small business, and can shop green. We bring you a huge range of interesting products, from handmade food, eco-friendly cleaners, healthcare items, or just buy the freshest local vegetables around. We also showcase botanical health and beauty products, and traditional herbal remedies all made locally by our Torba Natural team.

Torba Store has a very popular café section that specialises in local and healthy, seasonal dishes. We serve breakfast, lunch, and fresh coffee. The store is open six days a week from 7.30am to 4.30pm. The shop is open on Tuesdays for pick up only.

Our apothecary section focuses on traditional Arabic therapies, essential oils, healing lotions and elixirs. These have all been made right here in Qatar, using mainly local herbs. We call it the community Apothecary as it’s a place for you, where you can learn how you can use natural remedies to promote optimal health.

Using native plants for health underpins a holistic understanding of our relationship with our land and our environment. It is our disconnection from this that causes illness. Native plants are messengers that remind us of this relationship and remind us of our connection to the earth and other living things. Just being in the apothecary will give you a sense of calm as it’s a beautiful place and the best not-so-secret hideaway spot in Qatar.

All apothecary products are made from plant extracts and concentrates, and without the use of chemicals, colouring additives, or non-natural mixtures or preservatives. Torba Natural products are made from 100% natural or organic, safe and effective, and clinically-tested ingredients, with a wide array of cosmetic and medicinal properties based on traditional and historical use.

To ensure that we offer only the best quality products, our apothecary team is dedicated to carefully selecting non-GMO, all-natural, premium-grade ingredients, grown locally on our farm or sourced from local or internationally-certified suppliers.

Located in rural Qatar, the Torba farm is a multi-disciplinary farm that has been built into a health and wellness hub where you will find the largest range of rare and exotic plants, pastured animals, aquifer streams, and the most passionate and dedicated team behind the scenes driving it all. Our team are dedicated to the latest research and development, looking into the potential uses of local plants that are native to or available in Qatar and the region.

We grow organically. This means we use no chemical fertilisers, herbicides, fungicides, or insecticides. We grow annual and perennial vegetables. We also specialise in reviving the nearly extinct or rare plants of Qatar, traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine and the ancient practices and heritage of the country, by incorporating them in many of our products that are sold under Torba Natural.

We have thriving food forests with supporting planting, fruiting tree crops, and unique to Qatar - a Frankincense spiral.

Free ranging sheep and goats wander in our pastures, our beautiful Jersey milking cows enjoy the outdoors alongside the addition of bees who help produce our very own wild sidra honey from 100-year-old Sidr trees.

The farm is not currently open to the public yet. We are hoping to allow farm visits in the near future.