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Terms & Conditions of Sale and Delivery

This agreement is executed between

Torba Farmers Market WLL , a company incorporated in Qatar having CR No 125040 with its office at Doha, hereinafter referred to as Torba Market, The Seller or the First Party , who is the registered owner of the website (www.farmersmarket.qa), established with the intention to sell goods and services, either directly or on behalf of third party suppliers, to buyers through an e-commerce platform .


The Buyer, a user(s) of the website of Torba Market who intends to purchase goods and services offered by the First Party through an e-commerce website. The buyer herein after is also referred to as the Second Party or the Customer .

Whereas Torba Market has registered the website www.farmersmarket.qa, for the purpose of selling various products and services.

AND WHEREAS the Second Party as the user of the website of Torba Market (the online marketplace) has accepted all the terms and conditions set out in the various understandings between the First Party and Second Party including the website Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, this Buyer and Seller Agreement, Cancellation and Return Policy and its various resolutions.

This agreement is now made the parties here to agree as follows:

Rights of the Second Party:-

The First Party intends to protect all the rights, welfare and interest of the Second Party as their customer in accordance with the laws as applicable in the State of Qatar. As such the Second Party shall have the following rights and the First Party shall ensure they are guaranteed to the Second Party.

  1. The Seller shall be bound by Law No.8 of 2008, and its subsequent amendments, on Consumer Protection, of which has president over this agreement.
  2. The Seller shall not offer to sell any commodity/service that may be deemed unsafe or whose use might cause injury to others.
  3. The Seller shall provide correct data and information about commodities/services listed on its website.
  4. The Seller shall make sure that the conditions of quality and specifications shall be as advertised.
  5. The Seller shall not list / advertise any service or product that may cause disrespect to any religious values, customs or traditions.
  6. The Seller undertakes not to display, present, promote or advertise any defective or altered commodity.
  7. The Seller shall clearly warn the consumer any risk that may arise out of the use of any commodity that may be listed by The Seller.
  8. The Seller shall provide only truthful descriptions of commodities or services offered.
  9. The Seller shall issue a dated invoice to the consumer detailing the type, price, quantity and any other relevant information of items or services purchased.
  10. The Seller shall ensure the right of the consumer to return the commodity within three (3) days for any defective or damaged items.
  11. The Seller shall ensure that all the product details including price, guarantee, warrantee, services etc. shall be rendered in Arabic language together with English.
Order & Delivery Policy
  1. Torba Market agrees to provide a delivery service for any items purchased through its e-commerce website, the provisions of which may change from time to time.
  2. Torba Market will offer free delivery within its delivery radius, the city of Doha, for all orders greater than QAR150 in value. Orders below this value may incur delivery charge of QAR35 to be paid at the time of purchase or on completion of delivery if Cash on Delivery option is selected during purchasing of item(s). Torba Market does not offer delivery outside of Doha, eg Dukhan, Al Shahaniah, Al Ruwais.
  3. Torba is delivering to Al Wakrah, Mesaieed on Monday and Al Khor on Tuesday.
  4. Deliveries are scheduled for Sundays – Thursdays between 10am and 6pm. Any other delivery timings are at the discretion of Torba Market.
  5. Orders received prior to 12pm will be processed the following day for delivery during the next available delivery window. Any orders received after 12pm will be processed when possible, and are not guaranteed for next day delivery.
  6. If the Customer is not home/office or other agreed delivery location during the agreed delivery time of their purchased items, the Customer agrees that Torba Market is not held responsible for any degradation of the purchased items due to any delay arising as a result. Further, if upon instruction of the Customer to leave their purchased items with a nominated person(s) at the agreed delivery location, the Customer agrees to assume responsibility of the items and agrees that the order and delivery has been completed to their satisfaction.
  7. Torba Market reserves the right to charge additional amounts to re-schedule any agreed delivery time after the Customer’s order has been processed and packaged for shipping.
  8. Recipients of deliveries are expected to sign a delivery note confirming they have received all items purchased through the e-commerce platform, and confirming that the items are received in good order.
  9. Any discrepancy or alteration between the purchased items and delivered items will be highlighted and the Customer informed prior to delivery. In case any item has become unavailable between the time of purchase and time of delivery, the Customer can choose to either receive a refund, choose a replacement item of equal value, or opt to receive the item at a later time, at no additional delivery charge, when it becomes available. If refund is selected, Torba Market agrees to waive the cost of any bank transaction fees to reverse any amounts back to the Customer.
  10. Customers that have chosen to make payment on delivery of items must pay for items at the time of delivery. This can be done by cash or card payment. If the Customer does not make payment upon delivery, Torba Market may refuse to complete the delivery of items, and the Customer may incur additional charges as well as not be permitted to make subsequent purchase requests through the Torba Market website.
Ticketed and/or Paid Events
  1. For events and activities operated by Torba requiring registration and/or electronic ticketing, the Customer agrees to provide the necessary contact information, whether it is email address, mobile number or both in order to receive any confirmations, timing changes, cancellation information and other notifications related to the event or activity. Any information supplied is treated in accordance with the website’s Privacy Policy.
  2. All tickets for ticketed and/or paid events and activities are in electronic form and sent to a Customer’s email address. On occasion, the ticketing system may be provided by a third party. The Customer agrees that Torba Market is not responsible in any way for any personal information they provide to a third party.
  3. The Customer agrees that possession of an electronic ticket on their device is not a guarantee of admission into the event or activity. The final decision on admission to a Torba operated event or activity is made at the discretion of Torba Market and its event or activity organisers.
  4. The Customer agrees that all paid-for tickets are refundable up to 48-hours prior to the event or activity. The Customer agrees that any refund requests sent within 48-hours of the event or activity may be rejected. In the event that the Customer wishes to transfer a paid-for ticket, they can contact hello@farmersmarket.qa. A transfer fee may apply.
  5. Torba Market endeavours to make every effort to ensure that all valid tickets are honoured. The Customer agrees to indemnify Torba against any claims that may arise out of valid tickets not being accepted.
  6. In the occurrence of a paid event or activity being cancelled or postponed, the Customer may request a refund.